9 ANOVA: Repeated Measures

How to perform a repeated measures ANOVA in jamovi:

  1. You need one continuous outcome variable for each measurement occasion. Make sure that the measurement levels are set7 so that the continuous variables are marked with  the continuous data icon.
    A correct setup should look similar to this:

  2. Select Analyses -> ANOVA -> Repeated Measures ANOVA.

  3. In the box Repeated Measures Factors: write the name of your outcome variable (e.g. My_scale) and name the levels for each measurement occasion (e.g. Pre, Post and 12 month follow-up). The images below shows the box with default values (left) and when the values has been set (right).

  4. Drag and drop your outcome variables to their respective cells in Repeated Measures Cells.

  5. The results are shown in the right pane:

  1. This is demonstrated in section 2.